Sometimes you just don't need to mess with the classics. Released in September of 2009 by Graveck and Freeverse, which is back in the stone ages as far as iOS games are concerned, Skee-Ball has been a mainstay of the App Store charts ever since. Well don't look now, but there's a straight up sequel that you can download now!

First thing's first -- it's very similar to the original. The developers aren't trying to re-invent the wheel here with some crazy, new-Tetris like product that doesn't feel like what you're used to. But the game does look bigger and shinier than its predecessor, in all the right ways.

There's also an online multiplayer mode in Skee-Ball 2 that works through Game Center! This is an excellent addition that will definitely add lots more addictive playability to this State Fair staple. So you better get to work on mastering that corner swipe to go for the big scores, because the competition is going to be brutal.

Check out Skee-Ball 2 today on iPhone or iPad.