Just as we're all now finally recovered from our St. Patty's weekend at O’Flanagan’s Pub, the good people behind The Simpsons: Tapped out are back with new level 27 content! This time around, we can finally welcome everyone's favorite awkward "man date" pals to Springfield -- Lenny and Carl!

Here's what's new in Version 4.1.50, as per the release notes:

• New Buildings: Find inner peace at the Springfield Buddhist Temple or take a class at the Adult Education Annex.
• New Characters: Head to Moe’s with Lenny and Carl.
• New Decoration: Spruce up your town with an awkward testament to friendship: Mount Carlmore!
• New Quests: Join Lenny and Carl on their epic quest of friendship lost and bromance found.

The Adult Education Annex! Finally, we can take that class on how to eat an orange. We can't wait to find out more about this new storyline. And we're pretty confident that Lenny and Carl will have voices, since they are voiced by Harry Shearer and Hank Azaria.

If you have a huge stockpile of donuts and have already unlocked them, let us know!