Known for colorful and whimsical iOS games like Beat Sneak Bandit and Kosmo Spin, it's hard to believe that Swedish developer Simogo would have a chilling horror title in their back pocket. But according to the latest trailer for their upcoming game Year Walk, they've definitely got something scary back there.

First thing's first. We think that the elevator pitch of this game sounds amazing -- going on a vision quest in the wintry woods of 19th century Sweden. Whoa.

According to the Simogo blog, all of Year Walk will be set in that strange world, one not many of us are very familiar with. The game will be first-person and feature a mixture of urban legends and creepy stories woven around adventure style gameplay that involves interacting with objects.

The year 2013 is displayed during the trailer, presumably indicating that we will have to wait until at least January before we get our fingers tapping on this great-looking game. Even though there's no game play footage yet, the sheer 180 degree turn in subject matter is enough to have us very interested. Especially considering that Simogo's roster of games thus far is pretty quality.

Check out the trailer below and see for yourself: