The 5 best stealth games in the App Store aren't too hard to find if you're sneaky enough and know where to look. These popular games rely on timing, stealth and cunning to beat each level. Play them like Rambo and you'll fail every time. Did your favorite stealth game manage to sneak its way onto our list? Read on and find out!

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    Beat Sneak Bandit

    Simogo Handelsbolag

    Not only do you have to avoid all the traps, guards and cameras in this tricky mansion, but you have to do it to the beat of some funky music in this stealth games entry. It can take some getting used to because there's a lot going on at once, but fans of music timing games will get a kick out of sneaking around to some nice tunes.

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    Dynamite Jack

    Hassey Enterprises, Inc.

    Can you escape the dangerous Anathema Mines in one piece? Armed with only a flashlight, unlimited bombs and your wits, you have to sneak past enemy guards and traps and try to find your way to freedom. This is a hardcore stealth game and the flashlight is your greatest weapon on your way to the top. Just make sure you see the enemy before they see you.

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    Spy Mouse

    Electronic Arts

    Why isn't this a Tom & Jerry game? This should have been a Tom & Jerry game. Can someone please make a Tom & Jerry game??? Despite my favorite dueling duo not appearing in this best stealth game entry, Spy Mouse is still a lot of fun. Sneak around the house and grab the cheese before the cats see you and end your squeaky ... sorry, sneaky ways. Great graphics only compliment the cute rodent robber as he tries to get away from a house filled with unfriendly felines.

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    VR Mission EXT

    Sphinx Entertainment

    VR Mission EXT reminds me of the 8-bit Metal Gear days. In this highly charged sneaky sequel, play as a young agent, a cyborg and a veteran as you sneak into the enemy base and gather as much intel as you can. It's fun to sneak up behind a guard and knife him in the back. And if you're spotted, take out your gun and mow 'em down. This fun combination of bullets and brains will keep you entertained for hours.

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    Robbery Bob


    Robbery Bob is an app that keeps popping up on this website. Why? Because it's that darn good, that's why! This fun Arcade Sushi staff favorite is filled with crazy cartoon graphics, wacky sound effects and clever levels. Plus you can hide in places like potted plants and toilets. None of these other games let you hide in a toilet! Sneak into the App Store and snatch a copy of our #1 stealth game Robbery Bob. You'll be glad you did.


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