Hope you've been enjoying our little League of Legends cosplay extravaganza, because we're bringing you even more great LoL cosplay! Look upon Shyvana, the half-dragon, in today's Cosplay of the Day.

Shyvana is a champion who is half-dragon and half-human, but all badass. She was an outcast as a child, because of her parentage, and never really found a place to call home. Her father was killed by another dragon, to whom she swore revenge. She crossed paths with the Prince of Demacia, who helped her on her quest for vengeance. After they slayed the beast together, she was offered a place in his elite guard, which meant that she finally found a home.

Here is Olli-vo4ka, a Ukrainian cosplayer, dressed up as the half-dragon warrior. She's even painted her body to match Shyvana's blue skin. We love it when cosplayers commit to bringing a character to life and present an accurate depiction. We surely wouldn't shun this draconian beauty if she showed up in front of us!

Check out more of her great cosplay on deviantART and let us know what you think about this cosplayer.


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