Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter has just closed, and the verdict is in. You all want to see more Ultima, even if it doesn’t carry the Ultima name.

The Kickstarter closed at $1,919,275 with 22,322 people funding it. Hoping to get a little bit more support from the fanbase, Garriott has decided to keep donations open via the official Shroud of the Avatar website, where he has already raised $138,328 in additional funds.

Shroud of the Avatar is looking to redesign the way we look at online games. The game has a persistent online world, but can be played in offline mode when a connection is not available. The next time the game connects to the internet, it will automatically update its world based on the actions of other players.

Shroud of the Avatar will be released for Windows, Linux, and Mac and is scheduled for an October 2014 release date.