Apparently one can find many answers on Reddit, especially when it comes to the absence of a new Road Rash title. When Reddit user kybobs posed the what happened to Road Rash question, creator Dan Geisler chimed in with a succinct response.

"It hasn't resurfaced because I was burned out after Road Rash 3. But I'm ready to do another one now," said Geisler, who lists himself as the CEO of the computer games company 5x Enterprises in his LinkedIn profile. "I just needed 20 years off. I'm ready to make a better one now. I miss playing it too."

Geisler, who also added that EA has the rights to the franchise, added that Kickstarter is the, "way to go" in getting another game off the ground. "I will need to talk to EA to get the rights," said Geisler. "But I don't think they have a lock on motorcycle combat anymore."

As for current racing games, Geisler added in a recent Reddit post that he's been hooked on EA's Real Racing 3. "It's got some issues, but still pretty addicting," he added.