For a 6-ton murdering, warlord robot, Megatron sure chooses some odd alt-modes to transform into. While his lieutenants opted for fighter jets and construction vehicles, the 35-foot tall leader of the Decepticons disguised himself as a standard size Walther P38 handgun that was somehow the right size for human hands and Starscream's hands.

Now, thanks to a partnership between Sega and Japanese Transformers manufacturer, Takara, Megatron is set to continue his tradition of getting small in September as he reconfigures his gigantic robot body into a Sega Megadrive console.

As we first reported in February, Takara is creating the Takara X Sentinel Megadrive Megatron, which recasts everyone’s favorite Decepticon as everyone’s favorite competitor to the Super Nintendo. The figure, standing almost 8 inches tall, became available for pre-order today on $119.99 will reserve this beauty, and customers can expect his arrival around September.

Megadrive Megatron transforms from an instantly recognizable Megatron figure to a convincing, but undersized Megadrive, including a controller, but sadly, that's all he does. He obviously doesn't play Genesis/Megadrive games, and what we previously thought was a USB device on his arm cannon is actually just the plug from the controller re-purposed into the tip of his gun. You could say that, with this figure, there's less than meets the eye.

Megadrive Megatron is certainly a nice-looking figure, and a great representation of one of the most popular characters in the Transformers universe, but the $119.99 price tag seems a bit high for an 8” figure; even a limited edition one. Besides, doesn’t this seem more like something Soundwave would transform into?