It looks as if the leader of the Decepticons is being driven to get a mega makeover.

Thanks to, we know that Takara Tomy is making a new figure named "Mega Drive Megatron." Tformers reported that it will be a special edition being promoted by Sega. The released pictures of the new Transformer shows that he appears to have a large USB device on his right arm. While we doubt that his Mega Drive transformation mode would enough to play games, the ability to use Megatron as a portable hard drive disguised as a Sega Mega Drive would be awesome.

For those who did not know, the Sega Mega Drive system was released in North America in 1989 as the Sega Genesis. Though it came out in 1988 in Japan, the Genesis is celebrating its 25th anniversary here in the States, so we hope this Mega Drive Megatron comes here, too, so we can commemorate the event. Last year, a special edition Megatron figure was released with a pair of Nike sneakers in honor of Detroit Lions wideout Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, Jr.