Yakuza 0 Review
With the best combat the series has seen, the easiest story to embrace, and some of the most hilarious bonus missions you'll ever have played, Yakuza 0 might just be able to put the series in the spotlight it so deserves.
The Genesis of 1990s Console Wars
Across history, there is arguably nothing that builds a great product like competition to be the best. This is especially true of the video game industry, where companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and others have battled it out across decades to decide who gets to control the living room...
A Trip Through the Trippy Depths of Ecco the Dolphin
There have been a lot of weird games in video game history. The 1990s in particular during the heights of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were a Wild West of odd and over-the-type titles like your Earthworm Jims, Clayfighters and Boogermans. Did folks know they wanted a game where you play as a …
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Review
I usually take very thorough notes when reviewing a game. I keep my notebook next to me at all times, pen ready, and will often take a break between rounds to jot down my thoughts. That didn’t happen with Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. Maybe it’s because I already played it back in 20…

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