Some men just want to watch the world burn, and the crew at SSI Shredding proves that you can demolish old video game consoles without leaving a trace.

Destructoid reports that in its latest 'Shred of the Week' video, SSI Shredding has answered the call of its fans and ended up putting a Nintendo Wii, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1, Xbox 360 and an original Xbox through its massive industrial shredder. This low-speed, high-torque industrial shredder is mainly used for getting rid of solid waste, recycling and scrapping. The video consists of a very serious-looking man and woman in jumpsuits and safety gear accepting the challenge of shredding the consoles and promptly going at it, feeding each system into the shredder. We honestly thought that the machine would get stuck once the behemoth original Xbox was fed into it, but it demolished the old Microsoft console just fine.

If you want to know just how these consoles look after being shredded, make sure you watch the video through to the end.

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