Today's Cosplay of the Day features Nikki, known as PiggyNukka, as the video game version of Scott Pilgrim's Ramona Flowers!

This is interesting because Ramona is only technically a video game character. Scott Pilgrim started out as a graphic novel, filled to the brim with video game references. That graphic novel was then turned into a movie directed by Edgar Wright, called Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The movie then received a gaming tie-in, developed by Ubisoft, called Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (which had a fantasticsoundtrack by Anamanaguchi, by the way). And as it turns out, Ramona Flowers was one of the characters that players could choose to play. She rocked her Subspace skills to pummel Canadian hipsters up and down the pixelated streets, which is why Nikki's cosplay made it onto our pages!

Nikki is a Portland-based cosplayer who first started getting interested in cosplaying after her first convention in 2004. She admits that she wasn't very enthusiastic about the hobby in the beginning, but attributed this to her hands-off approach when it came to making costumes.

"My mom made all my costumes for me at first and I wasn't that into it. But once I started making my own, I found out it was extremely addicting and satisfying to create costumes. Now it's probably one of, if not my most, favorite hobby," she said, describing her early days of cosplaying.

Since she's such a big Scott Pilgrim fan, she's dressed up as Ramona Flowers plenty of times. But what makes this outfit special is the fact that it's the costume from the video game.

"I had so much fun cosplaying her the first time I did it, I decided I was going to cosplay as many of her costumes as I possibly can. I played so much of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World when it came out that it was only a matter of time until I busted out her game costume as well," said Nikki, talking about Ramona's different outfits. Ramona's known for changing her look quite often, so this was par for the course of anyone cosplaying the character.

And as you can see from the pictures below, Nikki successfully harnesses the energy and colorful qualities of the free-spirited, hammer-wielding Ramona. To see more of Nikki's Ramona outfits, as well as characters from other games, check out her Facebook and deviantART pages!

Piggy Nukka