Guess who's in some new DLC? We guess Wallace!

Scott's awesome roommate Wallace has finally made it into the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World beat 'em up game. With a brand new set of moves and abilities, Wallace is a welcome addition to the already great retro side scroller. Check out the trailer below for a little introduction to Mr. Wallace Wells.

Wallace Wells isn't the only new addition to the game though. The new DLC finally adds some much needed online multiplayer. Sure, you could always have friends over in the past to sit on your couch and enjoy the amazing Anamanaguchi soundtrack, but what if you were stuck in a snow storm? Now you can enjoy the co-op goodness from the comfort of your respective homes.

The DLC is available for $5 right now on the PlayStation Store and will be available for 400 Microsoft points March 12th on the Xbox 360.