As if the idea of a Pokemon 3D fighting game wasn't awesome enough, we get a smidge more excited every time a new Pocket Monster enters the fray. Well, normally it's a smidge, but with this one the hype is absolutely real: the ghostly Gengar has joined the playable roster of Pokken Tournament.

The brief, minute-long trailer above aired during a Japanese livestream (courtesy of Kotaku) centered around the upcoming fighter, showing off the Ghost-type Pokemon's flashy and fright-filled moveset. We see him use punches, kicks, dives, and even a tongue lashing to lay the hurt on other Pokemon, like Pikachu and Machamp. We even see his Mega Evolution at the end, teasing either a super move or a mid-fight transformation for more power.

Now that Gengar has made his presence known, all bets are off for which Pokemon will be revealed next. No single Pokemon is seemingly off-limits, from perfect fits like Hitmonchan to off-the-wall inclusions like Porygon. Of course, none of these potentially amazing roster choices mean anything to Western players, as this game is currently slated for release in Japanese arcades only. Here's to hoping it debuts on Western consoles.

There was a time that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was only launching in Japanese arcades, and within the next year we were playing it on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so we don't expect Pokken Tournament's exclusivity to last too long. We may even get our answer in a month and a half at E3 2015, but until then we Westerners just have to wait and watch from a distance. Sigh.