What's better than Tekken and Pokémon? Tekken and Pokémon put together, that's what. Namco Bandai just released a new trailer for Pokkén Tournament, and it's everything we were hoping for.

If you've ever been playing Pokemon and thought, "Yeah, Pikachu is a total badass. He would kick all these other Pokemon's butts in a Tekken-style fight." Then it seems that Pokkén Tournament is the game for you. In the video above you can see Pikachu and Gardevoir kick, well, basically everyone's butts and do it without even breaking a sweat. I mean, come on...

Namco Bandai

But anyway, this trailer shows more than just Pikachu being an OG. It's a four-minute, action-packed sneak peak at the upcoming Tekken-style Pokemon fighting game coming out from Namco Bandai Games. While the two most unassuming Pokemon -- Pikachu and Gardevoir -- seem to be the one doing the serious damage, it seems that all the Pokemon that will be included in this game will have some pretty awesome moves. Although the entire thing is in Japanese, you can still get a feel for all the different Pokemon and their abilities just by watching what's taking place. It features Pokemon such as the aforementioned Pikachu and Gardevoir along with Lucario, Machamp, Suicune, Lapras, Fennekin, Snivy and a few other minor appearances.

Check out the video above and marvel at the way that Gardevoir kicks some Pokemon butt while wearing a flower dress, while we wait for more information (in English) to surface about the upcoming Pokkén Tournament.