Lucas Pope Tweeted that Apple claims the declining of his original version of Papers, Please was their mistake and that he should resubmit the game with the nudity option in play.

Original Story:

Lucas Pope's Paper, Please had to battle its way to get to the iPad, but it has finally compromised with Apple for its official release.

The critically acclaimed puzzle game, Papers, Please, which had its PC debut in mid-2013, is finally coming out for iPad. Papers, Please has been fairly controversial in its subject matter, where you work a desk job and yet see some seriously real stuff. Eurogamer describes it saying, "The game sees you play as a border control agent for an Eastern Block country, and forces you to balance formal immigration checks with the emotional guilt-trip of turning away the starving and needy."

Lucas Pope, the designer of the game, has been hard at work porting the game to new systems and recently announced that Papers, Please, after some tweaks, will be coming to the iPad.

One of the features of the game is the ability to do a full body scan of the person who is trying to get through your customs gate. Apparently, Apple didn't like the scanners' ability to view genitalia in the original version and Pope ended up taking it out so the game could hit the iPad market.

If you've been missing out on this game because you don't feel like booting up your computer to play it, you can expect to see it for your iPad tomorrow, Dec. 12.

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