Everyone's favorite communist game set in Arstotzka might be spreading some of its interrogation-based gameplay to a certain Sony handheld.

In an interview with VG247, Lucas Pope, creator of Papers, Please, has stated that he would personally like to see his hit indie title be released on the PlayStation Vita. Unfortunately, Pope is indecisive about whether or not he should develop the port of the game himself or if he should let another developer take care of it for him.

“Up until now, I’ve been the only guy who’s ever touched the source code or anything related to the game. And that’s just kind of a control issue,” Pope told VG247. Pope said that he would enjoy the challenge of porting over his game to the Vita and that he is currently 50/50 over doing it himself versus letting another developer do it for him.

Currently, Pope is said to be developing a short, free title before going to work on the iPad port of Papers, Please.

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