There are a plethora of unique characters one can play in the gaming universe, but what about saving the day as an immigration inspector? The PC and Mac puzzler Papers, Please can be found on Steam Greenlight, and Polygon interviewed creator Lucas Pope about his, "dystopian document thriller."

"Immigration inspectors are constantly looking out for terrorists, spies, smugglers, and criminals," said Pope. "The technical nature of the inspection made me think that there were enough elements there to construct a fun game."

The game was inspired by Pope's own experience on dealing with immigration inspections, and he hopes the title actually brings a bit of sympathy to the rather thankless job. Although some immigration inspectors can have their flaws, according to Pope, "sometimes they're just some guy/girl like you are me trying to do their job and keep their family warm and fed."

The PC and Mac betas are available as a free download, so gamers can stamp or reject immigrants who are trying to enter the communist state of Arstotzka.