The Vectrex, made by GCE in 1982, was a self-contained video game system that offered the coolest vector graphics one could buy. With an analog joystick that folded into the console, and games that had color overlays, the Vectrex offered some of the best console gaming for players in the early '80s. And the best part was you could take it with you and play it as long as there was a power outlet around, since it has its own TV screen built in. The Vectrex only had around 30 or so games that came out before its demise. Here are the 10 best games you could get for this classic gaming console.

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    Cosmic Chasm

    Cosmic Chasm required that you try and find your way to the center of an alien planet, destroy the core, then get back out. Only problem was, there were Planet Protectors trying to ram you, as well as a large center trap that grows in size with each passing second. Once you made it to the center, then you had to make your way out. It's a fun game, but it's really tough.

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    3D Crazy Coaster

    3D Crazy Coaster was one of the few titles that made use of the Vectrex's 3D Imager, a peripheral sold in limited quantities in 1984 before the system was discontinued, making the peripheral itself a highly sought after collectors item. Only three games were released for it, with 3D Crazy Coaster being the best of the bunch. Keep your rider's arms in the air without causing him to fall out. Just like in real life!

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    You home galaxy is being invaded and it's up to you to defend it. Do this by rotating your ship in the middle of the screen and blasting the different aliens that are advancing toward you. Each stage gets harder and harder, and various ships create more and more ... what's the word ... bedlam. The game gets crazy hard the further you get. But it's so addicting you can't stop playing.

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    Pole Position

    Pole Position was a nice vector representation of the arcade classic. Qualify for a starting position then do your best to stay ahead of the pack. The turns and straightaways may be all vector graphics, but the challenge was just as difficult, and as fun, as its arcade older brother.

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    Armor..Attack was a really fun game, but you needed the color overlay to help get you immersed into the experience. Control a jeep and fire on helicopters and tanks trying to take you out. Even if you figure out the enemies patterns, it's one of the coolest Vectrex games out there, worthy of being in our top 10 list.

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    Vector football? Yes! Even though the one-player experience kind of blew, especially once you figured out how to score in almost two plays every time you had the ball, the two-player experience was awesome. If you had two control pads, you and a buddy could go head-to-head with real life X's and O's. No chalkboard needed.

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    Berzerk was great because it was like having the arcade game at home. Control your humanoid through different mazes filled with robots looking to shoot you before you shot them. Take too long, and Evil Otto will come bouncing toward you. Berzerk was a must have for Vectrex owners. Evil Otto agrees with us -- Berzerk deserves to be on the list of the 10 Best Vectrex Games.

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    Scramble was a game that was so much fun to play. Scramble had six different stages and each one presented different challenges to the player. The Maze stage was perhaps the most fun out of all them. Which doesn't mean much since the game is a blast from start-to-finish. Head toward the enemy base as you shoot ships and bomb missiles. Oh, one more thing ... try not to run out of fuel.

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    Star Trek: The Motion Picture

    Star Trek was awesome. Shoot down Romulans and Klingons before making your way to Sector 9, home of the deadly Klingon mothership. If your ship's shields are taking a pounding, dock with the starbase to replenish them. Just make sure you don't accidentally shoot it and blow it up. That would be ... illogical.

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    Mine Storm

    The Vectrex's best game wasn't one you bought separately, it was one that came with the system. Mine Storm was an Asteroids clone, but it had different enemies that popped out of randomly placed mines. Each stage got harder and harder, and the game is still a challenge for even the seasoned veteran. A Mine Storm 2 catridge with bug fixes were sent to customers who called GCE to complain that Mine Storm crashed after level 13. Fun fact: It's the rarest Vectrex collectible to date, going for hundreds of dollars if you ever see it up for auction on Ebay.