Ouya's free-to-try feature will be made optional in April, giving developers more flexibility when it comes to making games.

An article on Polygon gave us information on what Kellee Santiago, head of developer relations, said about the policy at GDC. At the moment, Ouya games are required to have a free-to-play feature that must be instituted by the developers. This can be a demo, a game with in-app purchases or a completely free title. Starting in April, this feature will be optional for developers.

"In response to developer feedback, in order to give more flexibility to game-makers to decide what content they want to make on Ouya," Santiago said. "Starting April we're making the free-to-try component optional."

While there's a chance this move could affect on consumer purchases, removing the necessity will likely benefit developers in the long run. Time will tell how much, of course, but at least Ouya is adapting its policies as the platform grows to suit the needs on both ends of the spectrum.

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