Below you’ll find our list of the 10 Best Ouya Games. So far. It is only a matter of time before some clever developers unseat these great games with even better ones. The Ouya is poised to either soar to the heights of gaming revolution or come spiraling down, out of control, to cash into a fiery heap to be forgotten or relegated to the pile of interesting experiments. (The Virtual Boy comes to mind.) Whatever it may be, we’re being treated to something very new and we here at Arcade Sushi have taken on the arduous task of picking out the 10 Best Ouya Games. While not every one of these games are exclusives, all of them are a great reason to pick up this cheap as chips console.

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    Yummy Circus

    Rounding out our list of the 10 Best Ouya Games is the delightfully delectable Yummy Circus. Fans of Tetris will be right at home with this game, but it comes with a few gameplay and aesthetic twists. As it seems with most of the best Ouya games, there is room for other people to play as well. You can compete with each other to see who can line up and collect as many candied goodies as possible.

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    Flashout 3D

    A good futuristic racer is hard to come by, but thankfully Flashout 3D more than fits the bill on the Ouya. The race tracks look like neon interpretations of modern cityscapes and the floating racers blast by, leaving a trail of plasma energy in their wake. Like its spiritual forebears, Flashout 3D is a fast racer that, of course, features an assortment of weaponry to blast your opponents. If you can’t beat them with your racing skill, you might be able to win with your shooting skills.

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    Rush Bros.

    Welcome to platforming nirvana. Rush Bros. is a platform racer that is dripping with character, style and sound. It is an insanely fun and fast paced title that will keep you busy through all 40 of its levels. One of the best parts of Rush Bros. is the split screen and online multiplayer. It adds so much more to the game and expands on its hours of enjoyment.

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    Bombball is a game that embraces the simplicity of the Ouya’s design. It is a minimalistic game based around getting a ball in a net. Even though it looks simple and is easy to pick up and play, the challenge escalates depending on the person you’re playing against. Watching two skilled Bombball players go at it is almost as enjoyable as playing it yourself.

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    Ravensword: Shadowlands

    Ravensword: Shadowlands is a game that takes full advantage of the tech that the Ouya has to offer. It is simply a great looking game that highlights the potential of the tiny console. Fans of games like Skyrim will be right at home donning their fantasy adventurer caps and exploring the reaches of Tyreas. It is fun, vast, and hits the RPG spot very well. It is proof that the Ouya isn’t for simple puzzle games and 2D platformers.

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    There’s another first person puzzle game that starts with a “P”, but we won’t mention it here because Polarity is a whole new beast. You’re thrust into the computer to hack your way into a bank through a series of ingenious puzzles and problems. Don’t let the deceptively simple aesthetic of the game fool you, it is the very best of brain teasers and will keep your cranium entertained.

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    Bomb Squad

    Many of the games on our list of the 10 Best Ouya Games are ones that you can play with your friends. Bomb Squad is no exception. You can play with up to 8 people using Ouya, PS3, or Xbox 360 controllers, iPhones, and Android Phones. With a plethora of game modes from Bomb Hockey to capture the flash, you and your friends will never be bored with blowing things up on screen.

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    Knightmare Tower

    Like your games a little more endless? You should probably check out Knightmare Tower then. Instead of the usual endless running on the horizontal axis, you leap into the air from enemy to enemy, using their bodies to propel you upwards as far as you can. As you would expect from an endless game, it is addictive as hell. Using a downward thrust of your sword to bounce your way to the top is a lot of fun and makes us wonder if other famous monsters were as bouncy.

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    Shadowgun is the Ouya version of the big AAA shooter title and it does a damn good job. In a universe where corporations rule, you play as John Slade, a bounty hunter, looking to get at the leader of a mutant army that is threatening the universe. Of course, there are a lot of squishy little bullet sponges between you and your goal. Good hunting.

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    Plain and simple, Towerfall is the reason you should own an Ouya. This insanely fun game pits you against three of your friends with only your feet and a bow and arrow to take them down. The 8-bit aesthetic lets you focus on the enjoyable gameplay at hand. All taking place on one screen, Towerfall evokes the very best of multiplayer games and is one title that you’ll love for years to come. It isn't only one of the 10 Best Ouya Games, it is one of the best games you’ll play all year on any system.


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