While the Ouya had a lot of buzz surrounding its launch last month, there hasn't been much to say of the console since it arrived. Sure, there is a growing game library, but the free-to-play model isn't exactly working in the developer's favor just yet.

Since its launch, only 27 percent of the audience has actually paid for a game on Ouya's marketplace according to the Verge. Compounding that fact, just an average of 8 percent of players who picked up free versions of games from the top 20 on Ouya's marketplace have upgraded to the full paid version. Still, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman doesn't see reason to be worried just yet.

"I think there are a lot of social and mobile app developers that would kill for an 8 percent attach rate on a platform that's 30 days old," Uhrman said. "These numbers will grow as more gamers pick up consoles, and as we attract more developers, and I believe that by the end of the year, we'll see a few developers telling us they've made more than a million dollars on Ouya."

It's true some developers have had mild success, with TowerFall earning some $21,000 since it launched, and Hidden in Plain Sight moving 1,900 copies as well. Still, there needs to be more quality content to drive sales, and this isn't a fact that escapes Uhrman.

"Anybody that played Ouya in March and played it in June will tell you that it's gotten significantly better," Uhrman said. "This will continue as more games come over. We know content is critical." The amount of developers working on Ouya titles has nearly tripled since March (from 8,000 to 21,000), but until those games actually start rolling out, it's unlikely sales figures on the Android console are going to be something to brag about for some time.