In the first of a new series of development videos for Project Shield, nVidia shows off how seamless the streaming will be from PC to the handheld.

nVidia's Project Shield, a new Tegra 4-powered handheld gaming device, provides users with a whole new way to enjoy PC gaming. In this new video series, the company provides us with a look at the Android-based controller running Borderlands 2 directly from Steam, as powered by the PC in the room.

As you can see below, Borderlands 2 runs just as smoothly on the Shield as it does on the PC in the background. You don't really get a great look at the smaller interface on the Shield itself, but nVidia is likely saving that for another day. There will be frequent updates spotlighting Android gaming and more PC gaming on Project Shield, which we can't wait to see. There's still no price or release date in sight for the device, but there's a lot of promise contained here if the price is right.

What do you think of Project Shield so far?