Nvidia Marketing Manager Dies Tragically During Train Rescue
Earlier this week, Nvidia marketing manager Philip Scholz died when he was hit by a train in Santa Clara attempting to rescue another man trapped on the tracks.
According to Mercury News, the event happened on Jan. 20, but the family only broke silence on the rescue gone wrong this weekend...
NVIDIA: G-Sync, ShadowPlay and Shield Preview at BlizzCon 2013
PC gamers rejoice! At BlizzCon 2013, the good folks at NVIDIA allowed us to check out some of their most recent and upcoming tech. Amidst a plethora of hardcore computer gaming fans, NVIDIA's offerings left players wide-eyed at each of their three very different display booths. NVIDIA's showing at B…
Crash Raider
Performance and stability issues seem to have marred Lara's adventure for some PC gamerswith GeForce graphics-processing units running Tomb Raider at maximum settings.
Yearly Shields
According to VentureBeat, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has stated that he wants the company to put out one model a year of its new experiment in gaming -- Project Shield.
Dead Trigger 2
Madfinger Games released Dead Trigger at the end of last summer and ever since, we have all been marveling at the amazing graphics that it pumps out, not to mention the copious amounts of hot, monster-killing lead.

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