The team behind Borderlands will be launching the first-person shooter Battleborn in early 2016.

Gearbox Software and 2K have announced that Battleborn will be debuting next February. They also revealed that an open beta will be launching sometime later this year. Best of all, they added four new heroes to the game's roster, including Ambra, Mellka, Reyna and Benedict.

Here's what Gearbox had to say about these new additions to Battleborn:

  • Ambra: Born into an ancient order of priestesses responsible for discovering a way to prolong life indefinitely, Ambra was betrayed by her leader and her faction, the Jennerit Empire, and now fights alongside the Battleborn. She is a specialist hero, dealing damage up close through her melee attacks and powerful abilities, while healing her allies in the process.
  • Mellka: A stealthy assassin, Mellka lost her parents at a young age before eventually earning her place among the Eldrid’s black op’s and intelligence bureau. Her life has been defined by a series of staggering losses, but her response to these losses was never despair – it was fury. She strikes quickly, disorienting foes with her nerve gas machine pistol and bio-glaive melee attacks.
  • Reyna: Known by her followers as “The Valkyrie,” Reyna was born aboard the Rogue faction’s ailing junk heap of a flagship and is a native to the last star system. Reyna has fought tirelessly for the freedom of her space pirate comrades, finding her calling as their inspirational leader. She dishes damage with her laser pistol and uses her command glove to support her teammates.
  • Benedict: August Benedict Jr. is one of several surviving races of bird-like “Aviant” refugees. He swore allegiance to the Peacekeepers where he’s gained considerable notoriety for being a self-centered jerk that’s capable of astounding destruction with his rocket launcher. Double jumping, rocket jumping, and flying – Benedict’s good at all of them and he lets his teammates know it.

Gearbox also announced that Battleborn will support two-player splitscreen and will let you both go online to create a full, 5-player party.

Battleborn will launch on Feb. 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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