Nvidia announced it is recalling its Shield tablets due to a potential fire hazard from the device's inner battery.

Polygon reports that all of Nvidia's 8-inch Shield tablets sold during the past year have been recalled. This line of tablet devices was released in July 2014 and priced between $299 and $399. The company announced that it will replace Shield tablets with a new device free of any potential fire hazard. Nvidia described the Shield as the "ultimate tablet for gamers." Nvidia also announced that this recall only involves the Shield tablet and no other Nvidia products.

The company asks that any Nvidia Shield devices that were sold between July 2014 and July 2015 (which means all of them, because the Shield debuted in July 2014) should contact Nvidia's support website for further details on trying to replace their tablet. We also suggest those with the Shield Portable, the kind with the controller add-on, should double check with the support site as well, just to make sure. We figured a gaming-oriented tablet that could run a 1080p display would probably run a little hot, but it's a shame to hear of this predicament.

Nvidia is primarily known for its work on manufacturing graphics processing units (GPUs) and its GeForce line of computer hardware, which is the main competition to AMD's Radeon products. Nvidia also has another tablet called the Tegra Note 7, but it was unaffected by this recall. Likewise, the Shield Android TV was also unaffected as well.

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