Earlier this week, Nvidia marketing manager Philip Scholz died when he was hit by a train in Santa Clara attempting to rescue another man trapped on the tracks.

According to Mercury News, the event happened on Jan. 20, but the family only broke silence on the rescue gone wrong this weekend. Scholz was standing on the platform at the Santa Clara station waiting for his train, when he noticed another man trapped on the tracks. Knowing an express train was on its way, Scholz abandoned his belongings and jumped down on his stomach to aid the other man, who has not been identified. Attempts by Scholz to reach the man were unsuccessful, and Scholz was hit by the train and killed. The other man survived, but is currently in critical condition.

"He was confident, aggressive, capable, I could see that without a moment's hesitation, he's going to act," Nvidia co-founder Chris Malachowsky told the paper. "I'm sure his knee-jerk, no hesitation to help someone else is what caused this--he goes down as a hero in my book."

Sholz was 35, and he is survived by his wife Emily. A memorial service will be held on Feb. 10 at 10AM at the Veterans Memorial Building in Pleasanton.