Performance and stability issues seem to have marred Lara's adventure for some PC gamerswith GeForce graphics-processing units running Tomb Raider at maximum settings.

Lara's not the only one experiencing crashes and stumbles on Yamatai Island, if a comment on the patch notes of the latest Nvidia GeForce beta driver is any indicator. The game seems to have have been shipped with a different code than the one that NVIDIA prepped for the release.

According to admin Andrew Burnes, the final game code was only recently received, which led to, "substantially decreased stability, image quality and performance," over their previous build. They are working with Crystal Dynamics to get a fix out to the customers quickly.

Burnes also warns that updating your graphics driver won't solve any of the problems, and that Crystal Dynamics also needs to work on a fix on their end. The fix should be coming soon, so Tomb Raiders stuck in an endless void of crashing should try running the game at lower settings until this update goes through.

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