Squids Wild West is a really fun game that surprised us when we reviewed it after it was released. The combination of squids in a wild west them was too much fun to pass up, and the game totally rocks. Now developer The Game Bankers released an update with tons of new content.

The update just hit the App Store and fans of the game are going to be really pleased with the content they've announced. They added a whole new chapter, a new squid, and new maps and adventures. That alone should be enough for most updates in games.

But they must have figured that wasn't good enough, so they also put in a secret quest to find four hidden helmets, higher levels for the squids (up to level 30 now), a Pro Mode with a higher difficulty setting for 52 new Pro missions and iPhone 5 optimization. And the game is still a bargain at $1.99.

If you haven't heard about Squids Wild West, read our review and decide for yourself. It's a great game and this new update makes it even better.

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