We enjoy playing Squids Wild West here at Arcade Sushi. In fact, when it comes to games that feature cephalopods and cowboy hats, we think it's hard to find a better one. That's why Squids Wild West is today's Free App of the Day!

This fun title from The Game Bakers has an interesting mix of action, strategy and RPG elements. You get to build up a team of squid heroes through turn-based battles against other sea creatures, such as crabs and shrimp. It's a sequel to the original Squids game, which was definitely not set in the Wild West.

Continue the adventure in this new game, following the band of squid outlaws as they make their way though the great wide underwater, fighting back against the evil Black Ooze and searching for their fallen friend.

Strap on those spurs and take that gun down off the wall! It's time to saddle up on your seahorse and ride off into the sunset with Squids Wild West for your iPhone & iPad!