A lot of awesome new releases are hitting the App Store this week, including a new dungeon crawler and some outer space game with birds and Jedis. Sounds like nonsense but we'll try it. These games will be available to download just after 11:00 PM Eastern time in the U.S. Let's take a look at the new releases for this week! (Pricing and links will be made available when the games hit the U.S. App Store.)

  • Gear Jack

    Crescent Moon Games

    Play as android named Jack, who must run, jump and roll his way through 30 levels on a ship headed towards a black hole. The lovely design and simple play mechanics should make this one a must buy for the week.

  • Arranger

    Ayopa Games

    According to the publisher, Arranger is a, "magical iOS music retro-adventure." We have no idea what that means but it sounds awesome. If you're a fan of RPG games, music games, retro games, whatever, it sounds like Arranger has you covered. We'll find out when we download it.

  • Pocket Festival


    Like music festivals? Now you can create your own thanks to this unique sim game. Design the festival and book the bands in your quest to become the biggest music festival the world has ever seen. There are over 40 bands to unlock and you can even listen to your own tunes. Sweet!

  • Cubed Rally Redline

    Jared Bailey

    Cubed Rally Redline is a follow-up to Cubed Rally Racer. This racer is a different one because it's an endless runner game. See how far you can get while oil drums, monsters and more randomly appear on the track.

  • Beatdown

    Ravenous Games

    Time for a beatdown! Get nuts in this retro throwback to the gaming days of old, when you put in a quarter and beat the crap out of every single dude who got in your way. Beatdown looks like a lot of old school fun and we can't wait to get our gamer knuckles dirty.

  • Color-Shift

    RocknRolla Games

    Color-Shift looks like an interesting game. You slide your color node along the bottom of the screen and try to collect other falling nodes of the same color. This iPhone/iPod only game looks like it could be a nice time killer.

  • Max Awesome


    Max Awesome looks, well, awesome! Play as a stuntman who tries thrilling the crowd by jumping, flipping and flying over obstacles that would make Evil Knievel cower in a corner. With over 60 stages you'll be pumping your fist in the air after each successful jump or giving the thumbs up while on your way to the hospital. Either way, we're playing it.

  • Real Boxing

    Vivid Games

    Body blow! Body blow! Boxing games are always fun to play and Real Boxing looks like it could be the best boxing game yet! Look at the sweat fly off of your opponent's face after you hit him with that left hook! Oops, our bad. Those sweat beads we thought we saw were actually his teeth.

  • Stan Lee's Verticus

    Moonshark Mobile

    Stan Lee is getting into the mobile gaming biz and Verticus looks like a pretty ambitious title to start out with. Play as a superhero (what else), as you free fall towards the center of the Earth. Can you save our planet from the alien race known as the Obliterators?

  • Micro Miners


    An interesting puzzle game that looks like a cross between Dig Dug, Mr. Do and Lemmings. Actually, that sounds like it would be a disaster. So maybe it's nothing like that.

  • Coaster Crazy

    Frontier Developments

    The team behind Lostwinds 1 and 2 are back with a fun do-it-yourself coaster game called Crazy Coaster. Build the wildest roller coaster you can think of, then watch the fun as you ride it. You can even ride other's player's creations, making for non-stop coaster fun.

  • Total Recoil

    Eiconic Games

    An arcade shooter where your only job is to blast everything in your path and cause total destruction and mayhem? We don't care what the storyline is. The graphics and gameplay have us hooked.

  • Atomic Frogs


    Atomic Frogs is a physics puzzle game like Angry Birds. Only with frogs. That explode and float and do all kinds of crazy things. With over 80 levels, it should keep you busy for quite some time.

  • Bloons TD 5

    Ninja Kiwi

    How cute! it's a tower defense game with balloons! Will it inflate to the top of our list of tower defense games list, or pop before it's ready? It all depends on when we're able to stop making stupid balloon puns long enough to play it.

  • Dream of Pixels

    Dawn of Play

    It's like Tetris. In reverse. On acid. We have no other way of explaining this game, so watch the trailer and see if you can come up with a better description.