There are so many tower defense type games in the App Store that picking the 10 best takes some time. In order to qualify for our 10 best tower defense games list, the game has to a) be fun to play b) be fun to play and c) be fun to play. It doesn't matter if the graphics aren't as snazzy as some newer HD titles -- what matters is the execution. Let's take a look at the 10 best tower defense games you should be playing.

  • 10

    Tiny Heroes

    Simutronics Corp

    Tiny Heroes is one of the more crowded looking tower defense games. Protect your castle from incoming enemies who want to steal your treasure. The reason I say crowded is because you will be flooded with bad guys and have to use every available piece of real estate in your castle to kill them all. I really liked the cartoony graphics and fun ways to kill your treasure seeking enemies.

  • 9

    Tower Defense HD

    Com2us USA, Inc.

    Tower Defense HD is a no-nonsense tower defense type game. Set your towers, upgrade them and defend your land. It's a well-balanced game, using the typical tower defense formula and it works. If you're tired of cute little soldiers or wacky looking playfields, then give this a shot. Tower Defense proves there's no school like the old school.

  • 8

    Gem Keeper


    What an odd, yet fun title. In this defense game, you slide your towers on rails as you try and stop a horde of monsters from stealing your gems. You can speed up the gameplay, fight bosses and set up lots of cool towers in over 40 levels. Can you keep your gems safe? Doubtful. But you'll have fun trying!

  • 7

    Defender Chronicles II: Heroes of Athelia


    OK, so Defender Chronicles II: Heroes of Athelia isn't the prettiest girl at the dance, but boy can she boogie! This anticipated sequel to Legend of the Desert King has improved graphics and gameplay, more heroes, units and enemies and is a lot of fun to play. Build towers and try to stop the oncoming hoard of creatures and monsters in a setting reminiscent of your favorite fantasy game. Tons of items, secrets and a great soundtrack make this tower defense sequel game with a long name a must buy.

  • 6

    Kingdom Rush

    Armor Games Inc.

    What could be more fun then watching a bunch of little dudes run around and smack bad guys like they were in the 1960s Batman television show? Not much if you like tower defense games! Kingdom Rush makes our 10 best tower defense games list because it features over 50 different enemies, is easy to pickup and play, and has some great animated artwork. This is one tower defense game that's small in stature, but big in fun.

  • 5

    geoDefense / geoDefense Swarm

    David Whatley

    If Tron had a baby with Tower Defense then you'd have geoDefense, the trippiest looking game on our list. I love vector graphics, and geoDefense is so much fun to look at, you almost forget to set up your towers. It's not an easy game by any means, but it's so colorful and cool that you don't mind having another crack at it. The sequel, geoDefense Swarm, is even more amazing to play and look at. They're both a must buy for tower defense fans, but where's the HD iPad versions? C'mon Mr. Whatley, get on it!

  • 4

    iBomber Defense Pacific


    Take on enemies as you try and control the Pacific Rim in this World War II inspired take on tower defense games. With awesome looking planes, weapons and explosions, you'll light up the screen like it's the Fourth of July as you take out wave after wave of incoming enemies. Get to downloading, soldier. The world ain't gonna save itself!

  • 3

    Anomaly Warzone Earth HD


    A 10 best tower defense game with a twist! Instead of dropping towers along a path, you're the attacking force as you try and maneuver your convoy through the city streets, destroying alien towers and weapons that are looking to blow you away. It's unique because you're constantly mapping your route, trying to find the safest way to your destination. Stunning graphics, excellent voicework and an engaging story make this a must buy. In Anomaly Warzone Earth, the best defense is a good offense.

  • 2

    Plants vs. Zombies


    Even though Plants vs. Zombies topped our 10 best zombie games list, it comes in second place in our 10 best tower defense list. While it's cute, addicting, and fun, it's rather slow compared to our #1 game. Still, whenever I have free time, it's one of those games I have to play just so I can advance to the next level. It's addicting, it's simple, and it's tons of zombie fun. Heads are gonna roll if you don't have this one in your iOS gaming library!

  • 1

    Fieldrunners 2

    Subatomic Studios, LLC

    Will someone PLEASE take my iPhone away from me so I'll stop playing this game? It's difficult and I'm always failing my mission, yet I keep coming back for more. Why? Because the gameplay is intense, the action nonstop, the graphics excellent, the sound effects incredible, the game world huge, the upgrade system simple, and most of all, it is just plain addicting. I'm begging you, if you see me gazing into my iPhone for 10 minutes without blinking, please go get help. Because it's gonna take quite a few of you to pry me away from this action-packed, frustrating, explosive, beautiful game.


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