A lot of awesome new releases are hitting the App Store this week, including a new dungeon crawler and some outer space game with birds and Jedis. Sounds like nonsense but we'll try it. These games will be available to download just after 11:00 PM Eastern time in the U.S. Let's take a look at the new releases for this week! (Pricing and links will be made available when the games hit the U.S. App Store.)

  • Angry Birds Star Wars


    Well, what can we say about Angry Birds Star Wars that we haven't been saying since it was announced? All of your favorite Star Wars characters as Angry Birds and Bad Piggies? If you don't buy this one, there may be no hope for you, my young Jedi.

  • Wraithborne

    Alpha Dog Games

    It's finally coming out! We've been waiting for Wraithborne for quite some time and we're stoked that this hack-n-slash dungeon crawler is finally coming to the App Store. Looks awesome, right? We can't wait to dive into this one.

  • Super Tiny Leap

    Game Atelier

    How far can a tiny robot climb? We have no idea, but you'll find out when you download this free game for your iPhone. It's got a cool retro look but it's going to cost you a buck if you want to unlock the full version. Why they don't charge a dollar to begin with is beyond us.

  • My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic


    It's My Little Pony! Now all of you Bronies can play with your ponies on your iPhone & iPad! Nightmare Moon is spreading darkness all across Ponyville, and it's up to Twilight Sparkle and her friends to stop him. The game looks cute, if you're into My Little Pony that is.

  • Storm the Train


    Another zombie game! Woohoo! Pick from three different agents, board a locomotive and start killing zombies, ninjas and robots. The game also features huge boss battles that you'll fight using different guns and gadgets. We're all aboard for this zombie game!

  • Swipe the Deck


    Chillingo's other new release this week is Swipe the Deck, an interesting match-three puzzle game with a poker twist. Use power-ups to create poker hands on a 6X7 board.

  • Word Smack

    Electronic Arts

    Challenge a friend as you try and construct as many five letter words as you can across three rounds. There are power-ups to help you out. With the word game world so crowded, we'll have to see if this one can word smack that A _ _.

  • Duck & Roll

    Wild Factor Games

    A rock and roll rhythm game where you play a duck trying to fulfill his dream of becoming a rock star. Sounds like a quack to us. GET IT?? Oh, man. We're on fire today.

  • Totem Tribe Gold HD

    G5 Entertainment

    This game sounds familiar ... like we've reported on it being released before but it never came out. Maybe we're wrong. Maybe we have it confused with another game. Maybe we drink too much while on the job. Whatever the reason, Totem Tribe Gold is finally out for real-time strategy fans. Can you help Aruku restore peace to her tribe? And if everyone in that tribe wears outfits like that, can we join? Free download but the full unlock is $4.99. And that's the sale price. Yeesh.

  • Plunder!

    Big Fish Games

    Plunder! was in the App Store a few years ago but was pulled for some reason and now it's back! So if you missed it the first time around, then here ya go! Join six pirate captains in their search for buried treasure. Sink ships and join forces with the other pirates to save Cap’n Mac Macaw. Whatever. It's a pirate game. We don't care how goofy the story is.


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