The newest offering from BulkyPix (who have been on a roll lately), is a game called Penumbear -- a title that we can only assume is an odd mixture of several strange references. Want to know what we think those are? Click through to find out and learn more about this intriguing platformer.

If there was actually a brainstorming session where someone said, "I want to make an artistic game about a meme and have it be all about shadows," well then we doff our Arcade Sushi caps to you, Taco Graveyard. Not only because you have a similar name to our own, but because that's just what you did. We think.

As far as we can tell, the title of the game derives from the word penumbra, which refers to the part of a shadow where only a part of the light is blocked (how you get a crescent moon). And the running bear looks to be a distant, more-active cousin of Internet meme Pedobear ... just look at the family resemblance. You can always spot a relative by comparing running poses.

But this isn't just a weird throw away reference. The gameplay is all wrapped up in the title. In the game, Penumbear finds himself in the basement of a dark castle. His only friend in the world is a little purple light thingy who has the power to turn other lights on and off. Penumbear, living up to his name, also has a power of his own: he can walk along the lines created by those shadows.

This makes for some unique and fun platforming action! Sounds cool, right? Well you won't have to wait long to try it out, because this game lands in the App Store tonight!

Check out the action below for more: