It's time for your daily Angry Birds Star Wars update, fuzzball!

As you may or may not know, two of the biggest franchises in movies and mobile gaming have teamed up to make a new version of Angry Birds. We here at Arcade Sushi have been bringing you daily updates on new teaser trailers, screenshots, and fan art for the past couple of weeks.

Earlier this week, we posted the first footage of the game play. And today we have a third clip for you as Rovio has released a new teaser with a Han Solo and Chewie cartoon and some new gameplay featuring those two!

The gameplay in this clip shows us something new on the enemy front. It looks like one baddie you will run into is a version of the pigs with a giant Stormtrooper helmet that you will have to chip off before you can send them packing.

So much seems to have gone in to making these cute little cartoons, we are hoping that they will be a part of the game as well. It would be cool if there were little vignettes in-between episodes, instead of the still panels from past Angry Birds games.

Check out the new trailer below: