Just because Angry Birds Star Wars is right around the corner doesn't mean Rovio is slacking off on their updates for other Angry Birds games. And this new update for Angry Birds Space proves just that!

The 1.3.1 update introduces 10 new Red Planet levels! The bad Piggies have taken control of the Mars Curiosity Rover and it's up to the birds to recover their eggs and retrieve the Rover.There's even a Mars Curiosity Boss level!

If you get three stars on all the levels, you'll unlock a new antenna egg level. (Good luck with that.) There's also a hidden rover that unlocks a super-secret bonus level. There are also new space eagle bonus levels. If you get 100% on the space eagle destruction meter, you'll unlock five new levels.

What a ton of bonus content! And if you want some background on the Mars Curiosity Rover, Angry Birds and NASA have you covered.

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