Angry Birds, a force to be reckoned with on iOS, has finally paired up with the actual Force. But what can be expected with this joining of franchise behemoths? Will confused fanboys be camping out in front of Apple Stores in anticipation? Will the App Store hashtag #STARBIRDWARSFAIL under the weight of trillions of downloads? Will this game finally tip Angry Birds over to the Dark Side populated by Darth Vader’s “NOOOOO!” line and Jar Jar Binks? From the tasty teasers we’ve been given, we know a little bit about what these irate avians will look like, but what else will the game feature? Here’s our list of the 10 Things We Want To See In Angry Birds Star Wars.

  • 10

    Fully Orchestrated Score by John Williams

    What could be more perfect to set the mood for decimating the ranks of Pig Stormtroopers than a triumphant score written by the aural master himself, John Williams? A fully orchestrated soundtrack would provide the atmosphere and sense of adventure that a game like Angry Birds Star Wars would need. Williams could artfully combine the iconic themes of both franchises into the ultimate soundtrack to flinging perturbed budgerigars.

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    Sarlacc Pit

    The addition of the sarlacc pit to the Tatooine levels (assuming there are some), could ramp up the difficulty. Watching your red Jedi bird be snatched out of its perfect trajectory by a roving tentacle would be both infuriating and make you think a bit harder about how to destroy the Empire’s Pork Base or a Piggy Sandcrawler.

  • 8

    Death Star Trench Run

    Luke used to bullseye womp-rats in his T-16 back home, but can his feathery counterpart hit a thermal exhaust port that’s only two meters wide? That would depend on how dexterous you are with a touchscreen. A level down in the trench of the Death Star would be fast-paced and exciting. You could shoot down waves of Pig-filled Tie Fighters, then at the end, just before time runs out, you hit that pesky port with a proton thrusher.

  • 7

    Light and Dark Force Powers

    The dichotomy of the Force is always fun to explore. With each bird having its own special powers, having both Light and Dark side force powers would effectively double your arsenal of pissed-finches. Just imagine a bird that could fly over and unleash a burst of Force Lightning, or another that could Jedi Mind Trick the pigs into destroying their own structures.

  • 6

    Admiral Ackbar

    Let’s face it, Admiral Ackbar is the most bad ass secondary character in the Star Wars cannon, besides Wedge Antilles, and how better to honor him than by mocking that Mon Calamari up as a fishy looking bird. His special abilities could be as simple as shouting, “It’s a trap!” as he bowls over Galactic Pig Empire bases or lies in wait and unleashes a trap of his own on the unsuspecting pigs.

  • 5

    Rancor Pit Level

    The iconic Rancor scene from Return of The Jedi would make an absolutely hair raising level. Imagine a boss Porker bigger than any pig we’ve seen before and the only way to defeat him is by pummeling it with birds until he’s just under the door way. Then, just like Luke, you hit the control panel for the door and defeat the big squealer.

  • 4

    Space Battles

    Here’s where all the development that went into Angry Birds Space becomes useful: Epic Space Battles. Dogfights between bird piloted X-Wings and Pig piloted Tie Fighters would be amazingly fun. After launching out of the slingshot, retro rockets could fire and using the sensors in your device, completely pilot your bird on a kamikaze mission to destroy Darth Porker’s Super Star Destroyer.

  • 3

    Birds with Lightsabers

    Birds with Lightsabers. We don’t care how it’s implemented. They can spin around after they hit, slicing and dicing everything around them. They can throw them like a boomerang. We don’t care. Birds with Lightsabers! [*update* confirmed by Rovio that there will be birds with lightsabers! -- Ed.]

  • 2

    Ice Birds That Freeze Pigs In Carbonite

    The effects of those ice cube shaped freezing machines are prime real estate for some Star Wars fan service. (God knows we could use some after the prequels). Instead of freezing up the landscape and piggies in the usual way, why not have them encase whatever they hit with carbonite? A puff of steam and some appropriate sound effects would be a nice touch as well.

  • 1

    The Battle of Hoth

    The battle of Hoth is one of the most iconic scenes in movie history. It would make the perfect level for Angry Birds Star Wars. Just imagine the scene ... John Williams' mashup score swells as the giant AT-AT’s lumber on-screen as the camera pans over to the snow trench housing the white-armor clad Rebel birds. The pigs are constantly advancing as you send off a pair of little birds with a tow cable stretched between them, taking down the AT-AT at the knees. It would be Angry Birds and Star Wars working in perfect harmony.


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