The only way to rule the court is to make yourself king. You see LeBron James sitting up there on that golden throne? Well, it's time to knock that crown off his head and retake your rightful place as the Lord of Basketball! So get started with today's Free App of the Day - NBA: King of the Court 2!

This great arcade NBA game is back for you to enjoy. In the sequel to the first NBA: King of the Court, this new game raises the rim with all-new graphics, shooting gameplay, and interactive courts! Go for the highscore against other players to rule your city and drive into the Multiplayer Mode in order to become the King of the World! Titanic style.

Travel around the United States as a rising basketball star in the all-new Single Player Mode. But you will have to unlock it in order to play it. Once it's there, you can use it to rise through the ranks, all the way from amateur to the pros. All the action takes place on over 40 levels with unique NBA team courts.

Hit the hardwood with your favorite NBA team today for your iPhone & iPad!