Hey look, it's Abe! Everyone's favorite little Mudokon weirdo. The original Avatar. Seriously, have you played Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee anytime recently? It's like you're on Pandora! James Cameron must have loved that game. But Abe Speak is a small little app that lets you mess around with Abe and some sound effects. And it's our Free App of the Day!

Really though, Abe Speak isn't much of a game. It's basically just an opportunity to have some fun with Abe and recreate much of the GameSpeak from Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. In the app, you can chant, whistle, growl and give Abe's commands. You can even speak into the mic and hear Abe try to repeat it back. The other mode in the game is one where where you can challenge Abe to a game of memory. Just try and not laugh as you try to remember in what sequence Abe laughs, farts and whistles at you.

The other reason we have this game as our Free App of the Day is the possibility that it might be a sign of Oddworld getting a port over to iOS. Could the guys at Oddworld Inhabitants be testing the waters here by making this free? It would make sense! But as of now, there's no word yet on a port.

For now, you should nab Abe Speak today for your iPhone & iPad!