The company's name might sound like it belongs to a villain from the Marvel universe, but Ogmento wants to become the hero of augmented reality and location-based gaming. Check out how they want to change mobile gaming after the jump!

Ogmento wants to take advantage of the rising popularity of mobile gaming to bring us new ways to play. We brought you news yesterday of their new mobile game that is based on Halo 4's King of the Hill gameplay and utilizes real-world 7-Eleven locations along with Mountain Dew/Doritos products. The multiple-partner promotion has players going to 7-Eleven stores, which act as "hills", and then scanning the snack products to bolster their supplies. This is one of the ways Ogmento wants to alter the mobile gaming landscape.

Tim Hernandez, VP of Production said,

Our games are designed to have the player look at the world in a new way. That everywhere and everything around them could become part of a game they are playing through the use of GPS and Computer Vision technology.

The company has also released a basketball game in the same flavor called NBA: King of the Court 2. All of the NBA cities are featured in the single-player campaign and players can head to real-world locations to compete with others in "seasons" to eventually become King of the World. Ogmento hopes that those with hoop dreams will find local courts and start their meteoric rise in the virtual basketball world now.

Brian Selzer, Co-Founder and President, said,

 Ultimately, we have made a viable game platform that allows us to dynamically connect real world locations and products with actual games or game mechanics. A store can become a strategic ‘hill’, or a basketball court where players get rewards for scoring baskets. Our proprietary computer vision technology allows the player the ability to explore the world around them – rewarding them for finding partner products, packaging or logo that turn into actual rewards.


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