Capcom's brand of dragon-slaying gets a Hylian makeover as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate debuts its Legend of Zelda-themed DLC.

Destructoid reports that you can now get your Link outfit, Light Bow and Master Sword in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The game has only been out for a little less than a month for North America and Capcom already is bringing in some awesome downloadable content. There will also be a new quest that will debut with this downloadable content's new gear. Everything that I just listed including the new quest, "Clockwork Contraption," will be free. Talk about knowing how to keep your fans interested. Capcom is notorious for its paid, costume-based DLC, and we're glad to see it finally giving some out for free.

This Link outfit won't be the only DLC costume coming to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, however. There will be many different ways you can dress yourself up in the game, including a bunch of iconic characters skins and weapons from Devil May Cry, Street Fighter II, Metroid, Animal Crossing and Mega Man. It's safe to say that you won't ever get bored with the way you look in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It's also safe to say that Capcom knows just what costumes to release in its games to keep the fans interested. Let's just hope they stop doing it as day-one, on-disc paid DLC.

You can wear your Kokiri tunic and swing your Master Sword today in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, just make sure you download the new content first.

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