After finally releasing outside of Japan, Capcom's revealed Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has had some impressive sale in its first few months.

Following Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's worldwide release, Capcom has been crunching numbers and has reported that it has reached a global shipment number of over three million units. These numbers also include sales of Monster Hunter 4G (the Japanese iteration) and downloadable copies, but it's still pretty impressive, especially for a Nintendo 3DS game.

If you're not sure what Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is, but all the hype has piqued your interest, it's a game where you hunt monsters. The title is pretty apt. One of the things the game is most known for is the co-op mode where you can hunt monsters with friends. With cumulative sales across the series reaching 32 million since its original 2004 release, it's safe to say that you wouldn't be the first to join in on the monster hunting craze. The new version of Monster Hunter 4 features new monsters and more gameplay, as well as the option to play online in North America and Europe.

Our review praised MH4U for being accessible to newcomers, and for making "things easier to understand and pick up on, opening the world of Monster Hunter to a whole new legion of potential hunters."

Check out Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate now worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS and take on your friends to see who is the best slayer of monsters.

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