Martyn Wendell Jones' mom told him in Elementary School that she would play Super Mario World with him on the day of his wedding and she has lived up to that promise.

We now have a winner for the video game-playing mom of the year: the one who promised her son in elementary school she would play Super Mario World on the morning of his wedding day and then kept that promise decades later. Kotaku reports that The Toast's Mallory Ortberg asked a super real question to Martyn Wendell Jones on her Twitter one day and to that question she got a super real reply.

Not only did Martyn Wendell Jones reply with a super awesome answer, but that answer became a reality about half a month ago. Not many moms are cool enough to play video games with their kids and even fewer moms would even think to promise to play Super Mario World with their child on their wedding day. However, Jones' mom seems to be super cool because she did both, and not only that, but she also lived up to the promise she made to her son as a young boy. You can check out the picture above for the proof. Even if there's not a video of it, you can still clearly see the two sharing a bonding moment over the game.

The only question left to be answered is, if you were to play a video game with your parents before your wedding day, which game would it be? Ours would be Leisure Suit Larry or Hatoful Boyfriend.