Some people might think glitches are cheesy, but SethBling is here to prove they can actually require a lot of effort and earn you a ton of props.

Kotaku reports that gamer and speedrunner SethBling is the first person to have successfully completed a Super Mario World glitch that lets you completely skip a vast majority of the game, including the final boss, and go straight into the ending. The purpose of doing so, of course, is to play the game super duper fast. SethBling achieved two different speedrunning records -- the first being 5:59.6 and the second being 4:49.8. The entire thing was done by executing a set pattern of moves that successfully rewrote the game's coding and allowed SethBling to skip right on by a boss that would probably have taken a huge chunk of time to complete. The entire thing happened on a Super Nintendo console as opposed to speedrunning on a ROM via PC, which makes the playthrough even more impressive, if that's possible.

You can check out both of SethBling's videos (provided above and below) to see just how he reached both of his world record-setting times.