Though at one time Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Petersson was in talks to help fund a sequel to Psychonauts, it appears those dealings have fallen through.

According to Venture Beat, Notch has officially backed out of financing a possible Psychonauts 2 with Double Fine. Originally, Notch had advocated for helping produce a sequel after having a rather successful financial windfall, and after Double Fine had launched its own highly-successful Kickstarter campaign for Double Fine Adventure. Of course, that was when Notch believed the budget for a sequel would merely be a, "couple million."

"I somewhat naively thought ‘a couple of million’ was two million. I had no doubt in my mind that a Psychonauts 2 would earn that money back easily," Notch stated on Reddit. "Turns out they wanted 18 million dollars, haha. I don’t have the time at the moment to even try to get educated enough to make an 18 million dollar deal. Perhaps in some distant future when I’m no longer trying to make games, I could get into angel investing."

Harboring no ill will, Double Fine's Tim Schafer made light of the dealings. "“Yeah, I think I gave Markus a heart attack when I told him how much Psychonauts 2 would cost,” Schafer said. He also related that Psychonauts 2 could still happen eventually, but right now Double Fine's focus was on finishing up Double Fine Adventure.