Double Fine Productions and Midnight City are joining forces to bring us Costume Quest 2. Time to beat down on more Grubbins.

The mysterious announcement video shows members of both companies bouncing ideas for games off each other in a meeting room. Tim Schafer is in the corner, shoving fruit into a juicer. Both Double Fine and Midnight City have finally partnered up and are excited to create a game together, but they just don't know what game they should make.

Suddenly, a big ol' bucket of candy is brought in and scattered all over the table, prompting members from both teams to gorge themselves. Schafer, however, finds that a large pumpkin has appeared in front of him. Struck by an idea, he gets to work on the pumpkin and chisels out his idea. That idea? Costume Quest 2.

While no details have been given about the game, like whether twins Wren and Reynold will return, Double Fine promises "more costumes, more quests and more candy than ever before!" We'll let you know if more information about this sequel is released.