Lionhead Studios, the developer that brought us the Fable series of games, has just found their new leader. His name is John Needham, a name well known in the MMO world.

According to Eurogamer, Needham was once the CEO of Cryptic Studios and Gazillion Entertainment. These studios were responsible for City of Heroes and Marvel Heroes MMOs respectively. He also once worked at Sony Online Entertainment, which was responsible for Everquest and a variety of other online multplayer games.

"John's deep understanding of all aspects of the gaming industry,from subscription-based, massively multi-player to client-based console and free-to-play online, PC and mobile experiences, will be a huge benefit to Lionhead and European Studio operations more widely," Microsoft said.

Last year, it was revealed that Lionhead would be working on a new online title for the upcoming next-generation Xbox. With Needham now running the studio, future prospects for this title look promising indeed. Hopefully we will hear more about it at E3 this year.