Lionshead Studios has announced the newest hero to join the ranks of its co-op action-RPG hybrid, Fable Legends.

Say hello to Inga, Fable Legends newest character. Lionshead Studios introduced the female warrior on game's official website. This Amazonian beauty was raised by her mother to be a lady, where she was dressed in bonnets and taking dance lessons, but found her calling in the great outdoors. As an adult, Inga found herself to eventually become the hero-type after dealing with a band of outlaws outside her hometown. The bandits looted a hero's tomb, and, after a ferocious scuffle, Inga found herself wielding the magical shield they stole. Inga decided that finding the legendary Bulwark shield was no coincidence and fully embraced her heroic nature.

Set four centuries prior to the events of the first game of the series, Inga and the other heroes of Fable Legends will be debuting exclusively for Xbox One. Hopefully we'll hear more about this upcoming adventure at E3 next week.

Lionshead Studios