Good news for lone adventurers hoping they could solo Fable Legends without the need for multiplayer.

The Total Xbox reports that Lionshead Studios developer Lewis Brundish has explained the single-player experience of Fable Legends. He claimed it will just be just as enjoyable as its multiplayer. While Legends is probably enjoyed best with friends joining in on the fun, it will still be a strong Fable game when you're not online.

"Funnily enough, the narrative story and all of those elements are absolutely still there," Brundish said. "Obviously, we're focusing on the combat-driven demo to show everyone what the gameplay is like. But under the hood, this is still Fable. You go through the whole game against AI controlled creatures with AI controlled companions if you want and even this does have a story."

Legends is a prequel to the original Fable, letting you level multiple heroes instead of focusing on a single one. While the good/evil decisions are on the back burner this time around and everything is much more combat-oriented, there are still plenty of side quests for you to do.

"There are quests, rather like in Fable 1 where there was a guildmaster who would say, 'do you want to protect an orchard farm from bandits, or do you want to go join the bandits and attack the farm,'" Brundish said. "It's a similar vibe, so there'll be quests and you can go, 'right, do you want to do this quest as a hero, or do you want to do it as a villain'.

"Heroes are all their distinct characters and classes with their own backstories," Brundish added. "And you can level them all up individually and learn about them all individually."

Fable Legends will launch in 2015 exclusively on Xbox One, with a multiplayer beta coming on Oct. 16.