We've got some bad news for those hoping to return to Albion in Fable 4.

Other than an E3 trailer a few months ago, Lionhead has remained relatively quiet on major updates pertaining to Fable Legends. While the mystique continues over Fable Legends and its expected launch later this year, a lot of fans are still wondering about Fable 4. Unfortunately, it looks like Fable 4 isn't something Lionhead is even worrying about right now.

Mind you, Legends is the first major Fable title in over five years (no one is counting that godawful Journey Kinect game). This multiplayer title is going to be free-to-play on the Xbox One and PC and will offer cross-platform play between the two. While it was announced over three years ago, Lionhead and Xbox are likely still trying to figure out Fable Legends' microtransaction system in order to make a profit on the project. Lionhead is investing in Fable Legends for the long haul, expecting a 5-10 year lifecycle for the game. I wouldn't be surprised if Legends was inspired by the popular MOBA titles out there in terms of trying to be successful with a major title boasting F2P multiplayer gameplay. Given the long term goals Lionhead has for Legends, I have a feeling they won't start development on Fable 4 for quite some time.

Fable Legends still has Q4 2015 as a launch window, but I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the next game pushed back to 2016.

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